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Proven M&A Experience

We are not tire kickers! We have demonstrated experience in getting deals done by leveraging our knowledge of M&A and our network with lenders & investors in Canada.

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Owner-Operator Management Style

We believe in getting our hands dirty! Unlike other investors who might choose to spread resources across multiple portfolio companies, we will take over as both owner & full-time manager. We will work with the existing management team & completely devote to the betterment of the company.

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Proven Business Operator

We are led by an INSEAD MBA who has over 20 years of experience in building multi-million-dollar businesses. These businesses have been in various sectors such as engineering, software, clean energy and manufacturing. By utilizing our past operational expertise, the aim is to unlock long-term value in the acquired business.

Sensitive to Seller’s Requirements

Since we have an "owner-operator" DNA, we understand the needs of a seller and are open to flexible transaction structures & a customized transition process. Our goal would be to have minimal disruption by ensuring employee retention & smooth ownership transition.

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