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Proven M&A Experience

We have demonstrated experience in getting deals done by leveraging our knowledge of M&A and our network of lenders & investors in Canada.

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Flexible Management Style

Every business is unique and we are flexible in adapting our management style to meet the needs of the business. If the seller wishes to continue running the business after the transaction, we will only provide Board oversight and handle financial management. However, if the seller wishes to step down from operations after the transaction, we are willing to work closely with the existing management team and get involved in the day-to-day operations.

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Proven Business Operator

We have several years of experience in building multi-million-dollar businesses. These businesses have been in diverse sectors such as consumer goods, e-commerce, distribution, and manufacturing. By utilizing our past operational expertise, the aim is to unlock long-term value in the acquired business.

Sensitive to Seller’s Requirements

Since we have an "owner-operator" DNA, we understand the needs of a seller and are open to flexible transaction structures & a customized transition process. Our goal would be to have minimal disruption by ensuring employee retention & smooth ownership transition.

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